Yikes! Back at It

Yikes! Back at It

It has been a LONG time since I participated in Postcrossing. Life kind of took over. Ah well, I’m back at it. I’m not going to go crazy with it but I have a stash of postcards and stamps so I may as well do something with them.

Right now, two cards are ready to be dropped in the mailbox. As they come in, I’ll post incoming cards again.

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Finally, Some Cards

I’ve taken a bit of a break from Postcrossing but I’m back at it now, on a slightly reduced schedule. I’m sending out five cards per month now and I’ve finally had a couple of cards come in to my mailbox.

The first one this week came from Germany.


There certainly is some fantastic scenery in Germany, isn’t there? Everything in Europe is so old! We have mountains here but no towns or villages (or castles!) like you seen in Europe.

De4148922 back

The second card to arrive this week came from a little closer, from within my own country, Canada. I’ve never been to the east coast of Canada but it is definitely on my wish list.


CA524678 back

The writing didn’t scan very well, unfortunately.The scene on this card was painted by a Nova Scotian artist, Maud Lewis. I love it. I love the autumn colours and the quaintness of the painting. Thank you, Angie!


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Last Card of 2014

Last week, one last, lonely card found its way to my mailbox. It arrived from Brazil. I haven’t exactly been ignoring Postcrossing but my card sending has definitely slowed down in the last few months. Now that the calendar has gone from 2014 to 2015, it’s time to pick up the pace once more.

Anyway, the card from Brazil….


BR311274 backNow, it’s time for me to get motivated again. I wish you all a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful 2015.


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And I’m Back

And I’m Back

Life seems to be settling down a bit now, thankfully. It’s time to get back to the things I enjoy…. like postcards. I won’t even try to post pictures of all the cards I’ve received since I last posted anything about cards; there have been too many for that. I will, however, post about the latest cards and drop in a few random cards that I’ve actually had the time and inclination to scan.


RU3152123 back

Being a knitter, I LOVE this card. It was immediately added to my favourites.


RU3152126 back

What a great scene, don’t you think? The back is so colourful! There are some wonderful stamps out there, aren’t there?

Tony sent this card from Minnesota. I love waterfalls!


US3063901 back

And then, there’s this one from Singapore… so pretty!


SG160012 back

It’s from the Beijing Opera; I wonder what the story is about.

Then, a couple of random postcards that I found particularly interesting. The first is a picture taken by the sender; what a great shot, don’t you think?






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Time Has Slipped By… Again

Oh dear, I didn’t mean to let things slip for this long. My only excuse is that with work, family moving nearby, and life in general, blogging about incoming postcards has fallen to the way side. I have every intention of remedying that but it won’t be today, unfortunately. I just wanted to touch base and let you, my readers, know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

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Non-Postcrossing Cards

If you are a long-time reader (relatively speaking) of this blog, you know that I’m also a member of Ravelry, a knitting and crochet online community. I’m a member of a letter writing group that recently had a postcard exchange. We were each given three names to write to and, in return, we would receive three cards.

Here are the three I received.

The first one came from Australia, a very dramatic sunset card.



The second card came from Lynn in Vermont, who claims that most of Vermont really looks like this! I love it and I wonder what it looks like in the summer.



The third, and final, card came from Susan in southwestern Ontario. Bear cubs are so cute, aren’t they? When you see a bear cub, though, never forget that Mama Bear is not far away, and very protective!



And that’s it… I’m all caught up, finally.

I do have some wonderful news to share, though. A local friend of mine was telling a friend of hers, who just happens to be a librarian, about Postcrossing. They decided that Postcrossing is something that deserves to be more known about. My friend, who I met through Postcrossing, approached me about getting something organized so I, in turn, met with the head librarian, who asked me to help out with their summer reading program by telling the kids about Postcrossing and, perhaps, having the kids write out and send postcards. I agreed.

I have already designed a couple of posters and some handouts. I’ve also put the message “out there” in a couple of groups on Ravelry and one of the forums on Postcrossing, asking for people to send a postcard to our local library. I’ve also let people know that if they include their return address, we would have the kids send them a postcard in return. So far, the response has been wonderful. I’m eager to see how many postcards the library receives; they should be starting to come in pretty soon.



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Lots to Blog About

Lots to Blog About

Wow, what a difference two weeks make. Last week, not one card showed up in my mailbox; this week, I have a wealth of them, not all from Postcrossing. Therefore, I’ll tell you about them in two posts, one for the Postcrossing cards, the second for the other cards.

Let’s get started on the Postcrossing cards that arrived this past week. In no particular order, here we go!



According to Anatoly, these buildings were made without nails! I am assuming that it was all done with wooden pegs but, all the same, impressive looking buildings. And the stamps are great, too!

From Lady Taz, this neat card from Florida…



Next up, Bridal Veil Falls in North Carolina. I wonder just how many Bridal Veil Falls there are in the world; there’s one near Hope, B.C., a couple of hours down the road from us and I’ve heard of others, too.

Bridal Veil0000

Bridal Veil0001

Hank put some great stamps on his card (including a Harry Potter stamp!) and even, very considerately, put his current temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. His temperatures, that day, were very similar to what we had here.

This one, from Etherea, in Arkansas, was interesting because of the note on the back. Her grandfather was born in Kamloops, about 1.5 hours from me. I lived there for about two years. If that’s not a small world story, I don’t know what is!



I must admit that, as much as I’d love to visit a cave like this some time, I’m afraid I’d be more than a little nervous. I am a touch claustrophobic and the thought of being in an underground cavern does give me pause even though I’m sure they’re absolutely amazing to see.

This next card is more to my liking, I will admit.



Wide open spaces, hot sand, warm water…. yup, bring it on! This is a beach I could walk for hours! Maybe one day?

And then, there’s London. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of the Tower Bridge like this one. Amazing!



We simply do not have anything like this here. The Paddington Bear stamp just tops it all off. He’s just so cute!

The last card for this post comes from my own country and shows something that we just don’t see here in the west. In Ontario, there is a large group of Mennonites, similar to the Amish of Pennsylvania, that eschew modernity and live a simple life without so many of the things we take for granted… like cars.



Well, that’s it for this post. The next post will have the non-Postcrossing cards.

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