Five Years Already??

Postcrossing 5 years

Still here, tons of cards to blog about… soon!

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A New Year, A New Start

A New Year, A New Start

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break, to step away from things you’ve been doing for a while but have lost interest in. It took an email from Postcrossing, informing me that my account was going to be set as Inactive to make me realize I’m not ready to drop the sending and receiving of postcards just yet.

In addition, February marks the beginning of InCoWriMo 2017, something I’ve thought about doing in the past. This year, though, I’ve done some reading up about it and have decided to take up the challenge of writing a letter, or card, every day for the entire month. Postcrossing fits right in to that so I’ll definitely be a little more active there.

I know it’s been a while, but I do have a couple of postcards to write about. Both of these cards arrived a while back, October or November.

The first of the two is this one, from Dreams, in Hong Kong. At first I wasn’t all that impressed, really, but then I read the back.


That’s right… she painted the picture on the front of the card and had cards made! That makes it pretty special. I really do enjoy what other Postcrossers do. The next card is equally great.



I love the use of stamps to create a one of a kind postcard. And she’s an avid knitter! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Finally, what do you do with all the postcards you receive? To date, I’ve received 354 postcards and they filled one box, taking up space on my book case. As much as I love receiving them, I don’t really look at them again so I decided to donate them to my grandson’s school. According to my daughter, they were very well received. It’s definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

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Greetings from Koln

Greetings from Koln

I haven’t been doing a lot with Postcrossing lately but I have slowly started getting back into it. A few weeks ago, I sent out a few cards and the first has landed on my doorstep.



Sylvia writes about the “love locks” on the Hohenzol-Lern Bridge. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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Three In The Door

Last week was a busier than usual Postcrossing week. Three postcards made their way to my mailbox. The first of the cards arrived from Joonas in Finland. A Finnish sunset, beer, a fire and a sauna. Does it get any more Finnish than that?

Joonas makes a swim in the lake, mid-winter, sound like a good thing. I’m something of a wuss when it comes to the cold and to willingly get into an icy cold lake in the middle of winter…. well, I’m not to sure about that.



The next two arrived the same day, both from the eastern US. One arrived from Nashville, Tennessee and the other from New York state.

Nashville0000Nashville0001New York0000New York0001

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Hello From France

Hello From France

Being home sick this week, it was a treat to go to the mailbox and find a card waiting for me. (Not to worry, it’s a cold but it’s laid me low.) This one arrived from Annick, in France.


FR654930 back

I have a feeling there might be a story behind the card. When I looked up the name of the shop in Google, it came up as a costume shop.

My grandson, Ethan, loves the squirrel sticker.

Edited to add: It has been brought to my attention that this card violates Postcrossing’s rules. The postage on the stamp is only 1 centime; it should be 1 euro. In essence, it is theft.  It seems to be something of an issue with cards from some of the European countries, and France in particular. I have brought this card to the attention of the powers that be at Postcrossing; they have been dealing with this issue for some time apparently. 


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Taiwan and Latvia

Taiwan and Latvia

As you can see, I’m not terribly active on Postcrossing these days. I’m keeping it low key these days as I do have a lot of other things on the go. This week, though, two cards arrived. In a little while, I’ll get a couple of names and send out two more cards. I think, for now, having two or three cards moving is about all I can handle.

The first is a really cute card from Ivan, in Taiwan.



I love what Ivan wrote; it’s so true, isn’t it? We’re all unique, even though we’re all so much the same. If only we could appreciate each other for both our similarities and our individualities.

Ivan chose some wonderful stamps. Litchi and peanuts, I’ve heard of. I’ve never heard of Atemoya so I had to look it up. From what I read, they sound very tasty. I’ll have to keep my eyes open at the grocery store; I wouldn’t mind trying it one day.

My second card this week came from Aleksa i


I really love those old buildings. And I love the colours, too. They’re so cheery looking. Even though I would have no idea how to pronounce what Aleksa wrote, I love it that she wrote in what I assume is Latvian. It looks like Riga had some warm temperatures; on January 30, we had snow and sub zero (centigrade) temperatures.


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Yikes! Back at It

Yikes! Back at It

It has been a LONG time since I participated in Postcrossing. Life kind of took over. Ah well, I’m back at it. I’m not going to go crazy with it but I have a stash of postcards and stamps so I may as well do something with them.

Right now, two cards are ready to be dropped in the mailbox. As they come in, I’ll post incoming cards again.

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