First Cards Ready to Post

18 Mar
First Cards Ready to Post

After Sit & Stitch yesterday, I made the short trek to a postal outlet and picked out five postcards and some interesting stamps. This morning, they’ll be addressed, a short note added to each and they’ll be out the door and in the post by this afternoon.

This one will be going to Malaysia. The recipient is interested in all things military and historical so I think this could be appropriate. We do have a rich native culture in this area and even the name of our town comes from a native word.

I think this one will be going to the Netherlands. I know the recipient has a love of dolphins and we have a statue of dolphins at the entrance to one of our parks but I couldn’t find a single postcard with that statue. There have been stories about our local lake monster going back generations, and even handed down by the local native population. Is Ogopogo real? Who knows? Is the Loch Ness monster real? There is speculation that they may be similar species.

The final three, in no particular order, will be going to St. Petersburg, Russia, Anaheim, California, and Kalajoki, Finland.

Once they’ve been posted, I’ll have to wait until they are received. I’m curious about how long it will take for each recipient to receive their cards.

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