Cards Going Out

12 Apr

Either later today or some time tomorrow, I’ll be making the trip to the post office. I have three cards ready to go out in the mail. I’m home because of a migraine today, but decided I’d better make the time to get some cards written. I still need to find a card for one more person, and that will have to wait until I can get to the museum or somewhere I can find interesting cards.

Here are the cards ready for mailing:

This one will be going to Texas. The recipient has two little boys and I thought they might like to see a picture of our local legend. Ogopogo, a Loch Ness-type lake creature, is purported to inhabit the waters of Lake Okanagan.

This card, with the Dolphins at Waterfront Park, will be going to the Netherlands. Sonja had an interesting note in her profile. Someone had posted the idea of cutting a 10 x 15 cm square out of a cereal box, or another food package, and sending that as a postcard. I would have done that, but all our boxed packaging has already gone out with the recycling (and we’re all out of cereal). I’ll have to keep it in mind; it’s an interesting idea!

The final card, a view from Mission Hill Winery, will be going to Taiwan.

There is still one card from the first five that hasn’t reached it’s destination. The card to Russia still hasn’t been registered. I do wonder how long it will take. As well, I haven’t received any more cards and have been eagerly watching my mail box.

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