Two Cards Received

14 Apr

Yesterday’s mail saw the arrival of two more cards. That makes a total of three cards received so far. The nice thing is that, along with a bit of junk mail, for once there was REAL mail and no bills. That was a refreshing change. I could get used to that!

One of yesterday’s cards came from Van Nuys, California. It is, of course, a very recognizable statue, the Iwo Jima memorial.

And the back…

I’m really enjoying the stamps on the cards I’m receiving. I guess it goes back to my stamp collecting days. (Incidentally, I’ve cleaned up the cards so that there are no identifying features. Better safe than sorry, yes?)

The second card arrived from Kiev, in the Ukraine.

Kiev looks like a beautiful, old city. The golden domes appear to be quite spectacular.

It’s a little difficult to see, but I do believe that the stamp shows the inside of one of the domes. Very nice!


  • 3 cards received
  • Received distance: 17,664 km (10,976 miles)


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