I Love Surprises!

20 Apr
I Love Surprises!

Today’s post brought a little surprise. Another card! I wasn’t expecting one since you only get one when a card has been registered and so far only 4 cards have been registered so it was a real treat. This one came from South Korea.

Apparently, this is Dragon Island because it looks like the head of a dragon. I love it! Sarah wrote that she wanted to send a card of the area she lives in but couldn’t find one. She sent this one instead. I think it’s great!

And the back of the card…

I’ve also decided to scan the stamps and save them as clipart. It’s, hopefully, easier than getting back into stamp collecting, something that, honestly, I’m not all that interested in anymore. I do have my old stamp collection and the postcards may eventually make their way into the box with the collection, but I won’t actively collect stamps. At any rate, here are the stamps from this postcard.

I do wonder what the flower is. Whatever it is, it’s lovely… and so is the card. Thank you, Sarah.

The stats:

  • 5 cards received
  • 34,247 km (21,280 miles) travelled
  • 5 countries represented (Finland, USA, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea)
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