It’s Only Tuesday

08 May
It’s Only Tuesday

…And already I’ve received a card, had a card reach it’s destination, and sent out another two cards. Where shall I start?

The card to a young man in Poland, I think. He’s a 14 year old who loves hockey. Who doesn’t? Around here, we certainly do, especially at this time of year… it’s playoff season! Anyway, he requested hockey postcards from anyone in Canada or the USA. Well, I couldn’t find any. I tried!

I work in a print shop; my boss is an ex-NHL physiotherapist. In the same building, there’s a sports memorabilia store. I tried. Three people suggested I make my own NHL postcard, almost in unison! So I did. I sent a card with a picture of Alex Ovechkin and, apparently, he’s abuk’s favourite hockey player! The card has been faved twice already! Score one for me!

In the sent category, yesterday I posted a card to the USA, North Carolina to be exact. This morning, I posted one to Germany, my first card to go there.

As for received cards, yesterday’s mail brought a second card from Finland. I really like this one. I think it’s because I can relate to what Eeva wrote in her note. This lake, she writes, is about 10 minutes from her home and it’s a place she likes to go to, a place she likes to sit and think.

I have a place like that within about the same distance. Hers is a lake; mine is a creek; it’s my favourite place to walk and think. As well, I see the same flowers (yellow flag) and plants (horsetail) around here.


And I LOVE the stamp!

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