One More Received

10 May
One More Received

Yesterday, when we got home, John took the mail out of the box and another postcard fluttered to the ground. I love seeing those cards in the mail. Getting some real mail is such a treat, isn’t it? It’s especially nice when the mail doesn’t have bills or advertising.

This card came from the US again. That makes a total of three, so far, from the US. It’s also the second card I’ve received from California.

Mimi is in San Diego (one of my favourite American cities) and she and her husband come here to walk and watch the seals. I didn’t realize until tonight that the “rocks” at the foreground of the beach are actually seals! Very cool!

So, the way things stand right now, I’ve received nine postcards; ten postcards I’ve sent have reached their destination. That means there’s still one card winging it’s way to my mailbox. As well, right now, I have six more cards travelling.

I wonder where the next card will come from?

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