One More Out, One More In

15 May
One More Out, One More In

I wasn’t expecting anything yet. There were 10 cards in and I’d sent 10 cards out, so there probably shouldn’t have been another one in my mailbox, but there it was! All by it’s almost lonesome self, accompanied only by a pizza ad, a single postcard from Germany. Written in Dutch. Because we both understand a bit of Dutch. It was a very pleasant surprise!

In actuality, as of yesterday, 11 cards had reached their destinations. The card I mailed to Germany reached it’s destination and this afternoon I requested another name. Interestingly, I sent a card to Germany and received a card from Germany.

Translation: (Loosely translated) “While I’m not from Friesland (a northern province in the Netherlands) or the Netherlands, I speak a bit of Dutch. I saw that you do, too. My name is Miriam, I’m 25 years old and come from a small city in Southern Germany. It’s called “Landau”. I work in a preschool, I love animals, books and reading. I’ve never been to Canada. Too bad! I think it is a beautiful land.”

Miriam also suggested that I might like to send her a card in return. I am more than happy to do so and she’ll be getting a postcard featuring baby moose. This is the first time anyone has even suggested that they’d love to receive a card in return. I like that!

As far as sending goes, this card will be winging it’s way to the Ukraine tomorrow.

This is one of the postcards I made. Seeing as I’m an amateur photographer, and seeing as I work in a print shop, I’ve been making more and more of my own postcards. All of these pictures are pictures I’ve taken and in the top right picture, if you look carefully, you can see my shadow.

Do you get the idea that I’m having fun with this? I truly am!


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