It’s a Small, Small World, Isn’t It?

18 May
It’s a Small, Small World, Isn’t It?

Part way through my day today, I stopped to check my email. Lo, and behold, another card has reached its destination! That destination was the Netherlands. This is where the “small world” thing comes in. My family is from Holland; I’m first generation Canadian. My father comes from a small town in the north of Holland; the card I sent to Holland went to that same town. Not just that, the recipient works in a bakery; my cousin owns and operates a bakery in that town. She doesn’t work at that particular bakery, but she knows it well. And… she knows my cousin.

Is that a small world story, or what?

Because her card was registered, I got to request another name. Once more, a card will be winging its way to the Netherlands. Maybe I’ll try writing in Dutch this time.. or maybe not.

Then, when my husband picked me up from work today, he said that another postcard had arrived. I asked him where it came from but he hadn’t had the time to look at it closely. It was a lovely surprise to find this card from Nina in Thailand. It’s lovely!

I can almost imagine being on the banks of the river and watching the royal barge floating by, twinkling with lights. It must be an impressive sight to watch.

On the back, Nina explained that the card shows three things that are important to the people of Thailand: the river, the temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Royal barge. One of the stamps also shows the Royal barge. I love that the stamp echoes something from the front of the card. The flower stamps are lovely, too.

I’m thinking that I really need to start paying attention to the stamps I buy. I’ve decided that once a month, I’m going to go to the post office and purchase a booklet of both international stamps (anywhere outside of Canada or the US) and a booklet of stamps for the US. Hopefully, each month the Post Office will have different stamps available. I think I’ll also stock up on local stamps and occasionally mix things up a bit.

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