Czech Republic Joins the Crowd

22 May
Czech Republic Joins the Crowd

I managed to get to the mailbox first today. In it, I found the first postcard I’ve received from the Czech Republic. If you’re keeping track at all (and why would you, really?), that now makes a total of ten countries I’ve received cards from. Can you tell I’m having fun?

From these cameos, I would say that the Czech Republic has some beautiful scenery! Some of it reminds me of areas of British Columbia. I guess that can be said of many parts of the world, can’t it? I mean, areas in similar geographic locales (i.e. the South of France and the southern part of British Columbia, both on about the same parallel) could be similar in appearance, right?

And the back of the card. I love the stamps, especially the singing cartoon character! How cute is that!

Because Ota wrote his message sideways, I’m also including a rotated view, just to make it easier to read.

Already, even with this brief foray into Postcrossing, I’m getting a window on a world I’m never likely to see. I can tell you, though, I’m seeing many places I’d love to see in person. This truly is a wonderful little window.

In a brief aside, one card I sent a while back, to abuk in Poland has now been faved four times!! Pretty cool!

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