Another One!

24 May
Another One!

I didn’t think another postcard would be arriving so soon. I thought I was caught up. It seems I wasn’t. Today’s mail was just that… real mail. On our door handle was a notice that John has registered mail to pick up tomorrow and in the mailbox was a postcard.

This one, to be exact…

One place in the United States I’d really like to visit (well, ONE of the places, actually) is Washington, DC. I’ve been to a small town in Maine (Greenwood, to be precise) and I’ve corresponded with a gentleman in Vermont (if I remember correctly) who shared his love of US history with me (he was passionate about photographing famous battlegrounds, and did a marvellous job of doing just that). The entire east coast of the continent is so filled with history, something we really don’t know out here on the West Coast. If you go back 100 years, you’re pushing it. This was wilderness. Not so for the East Coast. I like that. I love the sense of history that you find out east and in Europe.

When I registered this card, I read Cathy’s profile. She’s an interesting lady! She is, apparently, a published author! I’m impressed. And dare I say a little intimidated? (And maybe even a little jealous!)

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