Off to Norway

27 May
Off to Norway

I am, I admit, a little bit obsessive-compulsive. My morning routine includes checking my email. Whose doesn’t, right? I don’t just check it first thing. I check it mid morning, I check it at lunch time, I check it mid afternoon and I check it when I get home. I should qualify that and say that I will only do that if time allows.

This morning, when I checked my email, I still had seven cards travelling. When I went online about an hour ago and checked Postcrossing, it said I had six cards travelling! That meant a card had reached its destination! Immediately, I checked my email and, indeed, the birthday card I sent to the States had arrived, and had been very well received.

I immediately requested another address, fully expecting to send another card to the US. I was wrong, however. This card is going to Norway. The recipient also has a birthday upcoming, so even though this isn’t an official birthday postcard, I did wish her a happy birthday.

And the best part of all? Now, I can expect another card to be winging it’s way to MY mailbox!

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