Germany and My Scanner

07 Jun
Germany and My Scanner

Yesterday, another postcard found its way to my mailbox. John was home for a large part of the day (a combination of rainy weather… not good if you’re a gardener planning on mowing lawns… and a pinched nerve in his back) and the postcard was waiting on the table by the front door when I got home.

This one arrived from Germany, a lovely farm scene from the north of Germany, an area called North Frisia. John thought that was rather special considering the fact that I am of Frisian heritage. From the reading that I’ve done about the Frisians, at one time they controlled a large part of the North Sea. As a matter of fact, the North Sea was, I understand, once known as the Frisian Sea. They were a pretty amazing people. I’m proud to be of Frisian heritage. Obviously, they have much in common with pretty much all of the North Sea nations, from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall in Great Britain, all the way up to Denmark and even Sweden.

Elke’s card shows a wonderful farm on the Eiderstedt Peninsula. If I’m reading my Google maps correctly, it’s somewhere close to the border between Germany and Denmark. Beautiful! Just the kind of place I would love to visit one day.

Thank you, Elke!

As for my scanner, it has been giving me problems. I probably scanned this card ten times yesterday and each time, the scan looked fine but when I saved it as a jpg, the image came out skewed. Very strange. Today, however, it’s behaving again.

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