A Nice Way to End the Week

08 Jun
A Nice Way to End the Week

Two cards! Two cards arrived in today’s mail! That’s a first; I like it!

I received a disappointing email this morning that put a bit of a damper on my day (just a little damper); a Postcrossing member from Holland sent me a private message asking if I’d received a card from her. It had, apparently, been travelling for 43 days and she was concerned. Unfortunately, I haven’t received it. It would have been my first from the Netherlands. Now, it will be interesting to see whether or not it will arrive at all.

So, after that little disappointment, it was nice to have two postcards waiting on my entrance table. Again, John never said a word about the cards, even though he knew they were there. He knows I like those little surprises and I love him for that.

The two cards? One is, again, a first. This is the first card I’ve received from Great Britain, a wonderful view of Winchester Cathedral.

It looks almost ethereal, doesn’t it? I love the stamp that Serena put on her card. I’m not familiar with that cartoon, but I do like that stamp.

The second card came from the US, a view of Times Square in New York City. Wow! I know it’s a busy, bustling, light-filled place but this card does bring that home, doesn’t it?

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