Well, That Was Fast!

19 Jun
Well, That Was Fast!

Wow! I’ve just been looking at the Postcrossing site to determine when I mailed the card to Finland, the one that was registered today. It was 6 days ago!  Six days! I sent a postcard to my daughter, who lives about four hours from me, about two weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived there; she did admit, however, that she only pulls mail in envelopes out of all the advertising and discards the rest into the recycling bin so she may have accidentally thrown it out. Nonetheless, six days to get to Holland is fast.

The postcard to Lithuania was also registered today. It arrived in just under two weeks. So now, because two more cards have reached their destinations, I get to write two more.

These two cards will be going out with tomorrow’s post.

The first will be going to Germany:

I made this one with images of stamps on postcards I’d received. The recipient said she likes glitter, so I’ve embellished it with glittery stamps, both front and back.

This second card, which I must admit is one of my favourites, is on its way to Finland.

Again, this is a picture I took in our city’s Waterfront Park. I love walking through this park. It’s right on the waterfront, within walking distance of downtown Kelowna.

Of course, with two more cards registered, I should be in line to receive a couple more. According to the Postcrossing website, I’ve now sent 28 cards and received 22. That means there should be six more cards winging their way to my mailbox! I like it!


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2 responses to “Well, That Was Fast!

  1. Regina

    July 1, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    How do you make your own postcards? Do you just write on the back of the photo?

    They are very nice!

    • Ev

      July 2, 2016 at 8:30 am

      Regina, I use a program like Page Plus to set up the cards. Then I print them. It helps that I work in a print shop and have access to all the equipment I need to make professional-looking postcards.


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