Another Week Is Over

06 Jul

Can you believe it’s already Friday? I only had three days of work this week (Sunday was Canada Day, so we were closed Monday and I took Tuesday off as a personal day), but I feel like I’ve worked a full, long week. It’s been busy!

I don’t think this has been the busiest Postcrossing week, but I have received a few cards. Three arrived this week. One arrived from the USA, Indiana to be exact; one arrived from the Netherlands and one from Taiwan.

I’ve never been to Indiana. Interestingly, I’ve heard the term “hoosiers” before, but I never really knew what state they hailed from. Now, I do. Thank you, Virginia!

The second card is actually a replacement card. Heni messaged me a while back, asking if I’d received a card from her that I hadn’t registered. I hadn’t so she sent me a replacement.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you’ll know that I’m of Dutch heritage. I recognized this little family instantly, having seen their faces in the many Dutch-language magazines my parents had around the house (mostly given to them by other Dutch friends). This little family consists of (now) Queen Beatrix and Prince Klaus of the Netherlands. The baby is the Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander. For those of you not familiar with the Dutch Royal family, that baby boy is the Dutch equivalent of Prince Charles of Great Britain. This is also the first vintage card I’ve received. Awesome! I really like it! Thank you, Heni!

The last card arrived just today and was waiting on my laptop when I got home (I love my husband… he never tells me there’s a card waiting for me, he just puts it where he knows I’ll see it).

I like the simplicity of this card. As the sender writes, it’s a drawing of her school’s old dormitory. Neat! Wouldn’t it be fun to visit all the places in the postcards I’ve received? I think that would be amazing!

In addition to cards arriving in my mailbox, two cards went out this week. The first left for the Netherlands on Tuesday.

The recipient mentioned in her profile that she likes to cook when she has the time so I thought a card with a recipe featuring a fruit that the Okanagan is well known for might be a good idea. I also had to comment on the fact that her birthday is the same as mine! How cool is that?!

This card hit the mail box this morning and is now making its way to Russia. Both of these two cards are cards made with my own photos and, yes, the sunflowers are from our garden.

And that’s it for this week!

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