Knitters Abound!

22 Jul
Knitters Abound!

This has been an interesting Postcrossing week! I’ve received four cards this week and, as the title of this post intimates, knitters are everywhere! Two of the four cards that reached my mailbox were from knitters! And they arrived on the same day! How cool is that?

First to arrive though, was this card from Belarus. It pictures an area of the city known as Nyamiha Street. Minsk does look like an interesting, if eclectic, city, don’t you think? There’s a definite blending of building styles.

The following day, this lovely card arrived from Germany. I do like Klimt’s work. Interestingly, I know a woman who looks very much like the woman in this painting.

Then, towards the end of the week, these two cards arrived on the same day. The first card is from Rea, a fellow knitter from Finland. The second card came from Sherry in Los Angeles. Once I’d registered the card, I discovered that Sherry, as well as having checked me out on Ravelry, makes the most amazing picture quilts I’ve ever seen. She truly is an artist, as well as a knitter.

A few cards have gone out this week as well. Cards will be heading out to the Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine and Finland and Brazil. As well, I can request another card today. I haven’t yet because I’m a little busy with other things (like making chocolate sauce… see my cooking blog on the Links page). I must say though, I’m still having just as much fun with this as I was in the beginning. It is such a wonderful feeling to arrive at home at the end of a long day at work wondering whether or not a card is waiting for me and, if there is, where it will be from. I really can’t recommend this enough!

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