The Busiest Week So Far

30 Jul
The Busiest Week So Far

Wow! This has been, as the title implies, the busiest Postcrossing week to date. I received eight (8!!) cards this week. This week also saw the most cards received in a single day – three. That does mean, however, that this will be a photo-intensive post. I hope you don’t mind.

The first card arrived from the Netherlands. In my profile, one of the types of cards I requested was traditional “costumes” or (in Dutch) “klederdracht”. I know that in Holland, each area, sometimes each town, had it’s own traditional clothing. Berna graciously obliged and sent me this card.

That is a gorgeous picture and it immediately became one of my favourites. Then, on the same day this card arrived from Holland as well. This one came from “Disney”, the first card I’ve ever received from a dog.

Another thing that makes this card interesting is that it has the world’s only Postcrossing stamp! That is, the Netherlands is the only country, to date, with a Postcrossing stamp.(I was going to link to the PC blog entry about the Netherlands Postcrossing stamp but was unable to find it; I know it’s on their site somewhere and when I do come across it, I’ll link to it.)

The next card that arrived, came from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my first card from Brazil! Very cool looking bridge. Lars writes, however, that Sao Paolo is a dangerous and dirty city and he and his family are looking forward to returning to Europe.

Another first was this card from Ireland.

What a gorgeous scene, don’t you think? You can almost hear the waves crashing, almost feel the sea spray on your face. It reminds me parts of BC’s west coast.

The next card, a study in green, came to me from Pennsylvania, USA. Now, THAT is farm country. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?


One thing I found very interesting about this postcard was the vintage stamp on the card. The stamp at the bottom right IS from 1948! Michael apparently has an extensive stamp collection and is using some of his collection on his postcards. That is pretty cool!

I may just have to go through my stamp collection to see if I have any I could use for the same purpose. We’ll see.

This next card is a bit of an anomaly, if that’s the right word. The card is from Finland, but the ID number is from Germany. It doesn’t say so, but I have a feeling the sender may have been on vacation when the card was sent. Whatever the situation, this is such a lovely, peaceful scene, something I could picture myself doing and enjoying.

Something about this next card intrigues me. I’ve always found old doors interesting, and to see a grouping of them, as in this card, really does make for an interesting card. As well, Vuokko even took the time to check out my blog, and asked if she could steal my idea (blogging about the cards I receive). In my thank you note, I told her that of course I didn’t mind at all. I’d love to read other Postcrossing blogs.

The final card of the week arrived from Belarus. You know, every card is special but this one showed some consideration. I had faved this very card, after I’d gone looking through cards others had received. Rita noticed this card in my favourites and sent me one just like it. That was very sweet of her and I immediately “faved” the card.

If you hadn’t gathered by now, I really love seeing traditional dress. I know that costumes such as this were never worn as everyday wear; generally, such costumes were worn only on special occasions. It’s just fun to see how similar and how different they were from city to city, from country to country.

At the other end of things, three cards will be going out today, bringing my total cards traveling to ten. Cards will be going out to Germany, Belarus and Russia. The card to Germany will, hopefully, arrive in time to wish the recipient a happy birthday (his birthday is August 16).


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2 responses to “The Busiest Week So Far

  1. Annmarie

    August 4, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Hey Ev! I’ve sent out a couple of cards that are not from my area, if they are appropriate to what the receiver wants. Also, sometimes you can get nature-related postcards that reflect your area but aren’t actually from there. In fact, my friends get me cards when they go on vacation, so I actually have a lot that aren’t from here!

    I love those doors!

  2. Sartenada

    February 3, 2013 at 4:09 am

    What comes to that postcard from Finland it could be taken from here (Lappland, Finland):

    Beyond the Arctic Circle 6 / Más allá del Círculo Polar Ártico 6 / Au-delà du Cercle arctique 6.

    Happy post crossing!


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