Time for an Update

06 Aug
Time for an Update

John’s having a nap, and that means the computer’s available for scanning purposes. I took advantage of that opportunity and scanned the cards I received this week. To be honest, the Olympics are wonderful but because we don’t have a TV, John has to watch the games via the internet. I generally use my laptop but the scanner is hooked up to the Mac. Darned inconvenient, I’m thinking! Anyway, the cards have been scanned and I’m ready to roll.

Four cards arrived this week. The first one arrived from Germany, Wuppertal to be exact. What a fun name to say, especially to a North American. Wuppertal. Antje sent this postcard of an overhead train. I’m not sure I’d want to ride in that train. If I read the card correctly (and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), the train goes back to 1901!

The next card arrived from Malaysia. Nurul sent a postcard of the Cameron Bharat tea plantation. I love cards like this. What an amazing sight it must be to see a tea plantation!

Incidentally, though I’ve sent cards to Malaysia, this is the first one I’ve received from there. Thank you, Nurul!

The next card made its way here from France and shows an amazing medieval castle in Auvergne. Isn’t the landscape intimidating? Why would anyone build a castle there, I wonder? It reminds me a little of the geography around Kamloops, BC.

The stamp on Jean Michel’s card is also great. It’s an Olympic stamp and is the featured stamp for today’s post. I also love how Jean Michel indicated the date, time, and weather on the back of the stamp. (If you need to, just click on the picture and you’ll see the full sized scan.)

The final card came from Taiwan. It’s another gorgeous scenery card.

I love that picture on the right, the one with the bare trees against the night sky. Such a dramatic shot!

No cards have gone out this week; I’ve not yet made it to the post office. There are five out of ten postcards still traveling, so I could send five cards but until I get to the post office, that’s not happening. Perhaps after work tomorrow.

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