Yes, There are More!

03 Jan
Yes, There are More!

There’s no way I can put all the cards into a single post; there are simply too many. Remind me not to let things get this out of hand again, ok? First up, Germany…



Caroline writes that this magnificent church was destroyed in WW 2 and completely rebuilt after the war. It really is a beautiful building!

From Pavel, in Belarus:



From the US, and more precisely, from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor:

U of M


From Russia, a vintage postcard; it even has some original handwriting on the back (in addition to the note from Ivan and Lena):

RU classic


RU classic back


The following card is one of the firsts I alluded to in the first of the update posts. This is my first card from my own country, Canada! That makes it a special one!



Another art card, this one from Finland:

FI front


And another vintage postcard, this one from the Netherlands:




From Krysia, a 12 year old girl from Poland (the stamps on this card are the featured image for this post):

PL beaver


And the last one for today, from the Netherlands again and, more specifically, from Friesland, where my parents come from:



I think one more post should see me caught up. Thankfully!

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One response to “Yes, There are More!

  1. Chris

    January 3, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    These are gorgeous!


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