Let’s Wrap It Up

04 Jan

This may be a slightly longer post than the others, but it should finish up the catch up. Let’s jump right in!

From Denny, in Australia, my first card from there:



Does it get any more Australian than kangaroos on a beach? Next up, Poland:



From Portugal:


From Germany, a beautiful castle… what is about castles, anyway?



Another one from Germany:

DE night


I love this next card! Care to guess what it is? The card, incidentally, is from Taiwan.


It’s a tea set! I love it!

Next is the train station in the city of Minsk, Belarus:



From China, Baofeng Lake:



From Lithuania, a rather dramatic landscape:

LI front


From Finland, traditional costumes of the Laplanders:



From Russia, another gorgeous castle. I love the colours used on this magnificent edifice!

RU palace


We’re in the home stretch now. Next up is another card from Russia… with a difference. This was the first time I’d received a Postcrossing card in an envelope. It was a very pleasant surprise from Elena. In the envelope, I found all this…



…and a handwritten note. I love the stamps on the envelope! As I said, it was a lovely surprise.

Now, we’re down to the last few. These last three cards arrived in my mailbox on New Year’s Eve. It was an awesome way to end 2012 and I’m excited to see what kinds of cards will make their way to our little corner of the world in 2013.

From Japan:

Japan front


From Chris in Louisiana in the US:



And, finally, this card from Germany:

DE winter



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    August 1, 2017 at 11:27 am

    The post card that you shared through the blog is really very wonderful, And really i like this postal card
    Thank you for sharing


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