Three to Go!

08 Jan
Three to Go!

I’ve almost reached the magic number of 100 cards sent and/or received! That’s a thrill! According to my profile, I’ve now been a Postcrossing member for ten months. That is an average of ten cards sent and received each month. Obviously, that’s not how it all worked out, but it’s an average. That’s pretty cool!

Every now and then I go through all the cards, to re-read them, to remember the circumstances around their arrivals. Today, I’m home alone, home from work (migraines are no fun), and we’re expecting company for dinner. Because I am home alone, I was here when the mailman dropped off the mail, and the only mail today was two postcards for me! I like that. No ad mail, no junk mail, just two postcards.



A Christmas postcard from Poland. North American and European Christmas cards are so different in style. I love that. And green just happens to be one of my favourite colours!



Card #2 comes from Romania. What an amazingly beautiful part of the city! We just don’t have places like this here in Western Canada. That we are a reasonably new country is very evident when you see a card like this one. I love it!

And now, I can send out two more cards, cards #98 and #99… Where will they go?

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One response to “Three to Go!

  1. Chris

    January 8, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    So beautiful!! Sorry to hear about your migraine 😦 I get them too and yeah..they’re just awful 😦 I finally got my first postcard yesterday 😀


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