Ah, Tranquility

11 Jan
Ah, Tranquility

There is something about autumn. Spring and fall are my favourite seasons and I think I’ve figured out why. Apart from the mild temperatures, not too cold and not too hot, it has to be the colour! Spring is, of course, when trees and flowers come out of their winter sleep, fresh green buds bursting from naked branches, tender green shoots peeking out from the slowly warming earth, spring flowers heralding the arrival of the sun’s warmth.  So much colour!

And autumn, when the trees turn colour with the colder air sweeping in from the north. The colours are different but no less spectacular. When you combine the colours of autumn with the grandeur of a palace garden, the result is an amazingly tranquil scene.

That’s what today’s postcard speaks to me of. I can picture myself walking the pathways, so peaceful, so relaxing.. Is it any wonder this card has made it on to my favourites list?



Asia sent this card from St. Petersburg, Russia. She included a brief history of the Summer Garden, “one of the nicest places in the city centre”, in her words. I would heartily agree.

RU-1342841 back


(As always, clicking on the picture will enlarge it.) Thank you, Asia, for a little piece of serenity!

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One response to “Ah, Tranquility

  1. Chris

    January 14, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    That really is beautiful..and I totally agree with you…Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year too! Love nature during those months.


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