Six More On the Road

13 Jan
Six More On the Road

Because I have now surpassed the 100 cards sent mark, I get to send another one. That means, I can now have eleven cards out at a time; and that means I get to send out another six cards today. Over the weekend, if I remember correctly, five cards reached their destinations (another one was registered this morning).

Of the six going out today, one is going to a country I’ve not sent cards to before, Switzerland. It’s the little things that make it interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

And of the cards going out today, this one is going out to a 12 year old girl in Germany. I like this card for two reasons. First, I make most of my own cards; working in a print shop, I can do that. Second, I made the teddy bear featured in the card, one of my favourite projects… ever!


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One response to “Six More On the Road

  1. Chris

    January 14, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    This is SO awesome!!! What a perfect card and a beautiful one 😀


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