17 Jan

When I first joined Postcrossing, it was exciting to come home from work each day, wondering when I would receive my first card. The thrill of opening the mail box and seeing a postcard from… well, where WOULD it come from?

After a while, it was just fun to see the cards coming in, interesting to read what other people wrote, wondering what their lives were like, where did they sit to write their card… the imagination soars, really. That thrill hasn’t gone away.

There are milestones along the journey. You never forget the first card you received. Today, I reached another milestone.

Card #100 arrived in my mailbox today! I’ve been wondering when it would arrive and where it come from. The answer?



New Zealand! Lee sent a postcard of Devonport; according to the description, Devonport is a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Lovely! I’d love to visit New Zealand one day. I even have family there (in New Zealand, not in Auckland).

Auckland back


In addition to this being the 100th card I’ve received, it also has the distinction of being the first I’ve received from New Zealand. That makes this card doubly special.

Thanks, Lee!

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One response to “Milestones

  1. chris

    January 19, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Congrats on number 100!! I’d so love to go to New Zealand one day too! I have a few book blogger friends that live there and it looks like such a gorgeous place!


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