Three More In!

22 Jan

Today, another three cards arrived in my mailbox. I have now received 103 cards. I love today’s cards! Let’s get to it, shall we?

I never know which card to start with when I’ve received more than one. John had them all set out on my laptop and informed me that they were from the Netherlands, Germany and I was to guess where the third came from. It wasn’t too difficult

The first card I picked up, I rightly guessed had come from the Netherlands.

NL berries

Lovely, isn’t it? I asked Sake if he had drawn it, but I haven’t heard back. I like it. And the back…

NL berries back

It’s written all in Dutch, which isn’t a problem for me but did confuse John a little. I did translate for him.

The second card I picked up was this one. I was pretty sure it was the card from Germany, by process of elimination. You’ll see why momentarily.

DE castle

Castle back

Iris took this picture and had it made into a postcard! That makes it a special card. The castle is the Trifels castle, where King Richard I Lionheart was captured (actually, he was imprisoned there… from Wikipedia… “Trifels Castle is also famous as the site where King Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheart) was imprisoned after he was captured by Duke Leopold V of Austria near Vienna in December 1192 on his return from the Third Crusade. Handed over to Emperor Henry VI of Hohenstaufen, a period of three weeks of captivity at Trifels from 31 March to 19 April 1193 is well documented. According to legend, Richard was found and freed by the trobador Blondel de Nesle; in fact, he was released for an enormous ransom.”)

And the final card? Care to guess where it hails from?

Disney world

My first guess was Disneyland in Anaheim but I was wrong. I had the right country, USA, but it’s from Disney World in Florida! Jyl has been a “cast member” (aka employee) there for five years; how cool is THAT?

disney back

Such a fun card! How can it not become a favourite?

Two of my sent cards have reached their destinations this week, one to Ireland and one to Finland, so I can send another two. I’m off to collect two more names!

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