And, What Do You Know…

26 Jan
And, What Do You Know…

Another three cards arrived yesterday! It’s so much fun coming home from work to see the postcards waiting for me at my laptop. John always props them up against the screen so I see them as soon as I get home.

This time, the cards arrived from Finland, Germany, and Russia. First, the card from Sonia, an 11-year old girl in Russia. Sonia writes that if she were a visitor to Moscow, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior would be on her list of places to visit. If either of those is on this card, I would heartily agree with her.


For the architecture alone, Moscow must be an amazing place to visit. The buildings on the card are spectacular!

Moscow back


The next card came from Germany, the town of Unna, in (if I understand correctly) the area of Westphalia. The buildings, again, are gorgeous! I’m sure the town must be overrun with tourists in the summer but, again, it looks like it would be a lovely place to visit and explore.

Unna DE


Unna back


The third card hales from Finland. Jorma took my request for cards showing traditional national costumes to heart and sent me this lovely card.

Finland costume


Isn’t she cute? I love the colourful costume! And that hat is absolutely adorable! I have to say, this is one of my favourite cards ever. You just have to smile when you look at it. Thank you, Jorma!

FI costume back


This weekend, I’ll have to get busy writing cards. There are at least three cards waiting to be addressed and mailed and I’ve been putting it off, for some reason. Later today, or tomorrow, they WILL be mailed!

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