01 Feb

Two more postcards arrived this week and, interestingly, both feature bridges. I’ve received cards with pictures of bridges before but I don’t think I’ve received two in any given week.

The first of the two cards arrived yesterday from Finland. Jonnukka writes that the card features some “must-see” places in the town of Korpilahti.

I find it interesting that the scenery in this card reminds me so much of the Fraser Valley… the hills, the lush green, even the architecture. It could almost be anywhere in the world, couldn’t it?



Jonnukka back


I love the stamp, too!

The second card, also featuring a bridge came from Julia in Spain. She writes that Salamanca is her home town but she now lives in a nearby town, one that, apparently, she doesn’t like as much.

I must admit, night time bridge pictures like this one are pretty cool! I love that castle, too! Gorgeous!



Salamanca back


In addition to the two cards over the last couple of days, more cards will be going out, too. Cards will be heading to the Netherlands and Ukraine this weekend, bringing my totals to 113 sent and 109 received.

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