Two Special Cards

06 Feb
Two Special Cards

Two more cards arrived at my doorstep today. Both cards this time were rather special, for different reasons. There’s something about Postcrossing cards I didn’t realize at first. The ID number indicates the total number of cards sent from a particular country. For instance, the last card I sent had an ID number of 314666. That means it was the 314,666th postcard sent from Canada. The last card I received from Germany had an ID number of 1872670… that’s card #1,872,670 from Germany!

Imagine my thrill when I received this card from Macedonia today. First, it’s a card from Macedonia, my first from there. Then, the ID number on that card is 2890. That’s a pretty small number! That is pretty cool!



And, it’s another bridge.

Skopje back

The second card is the second card I’ve received from China. This is such a pretty card. I’m assuming they’re cherry blossoms; it’s an interesting layout, don’t you think?

cherry blossom

As lovely as I think this card is (and I may have it rotated the wrong way…not sure), the back is just as interesting. Check out the stamps on this card!

cherry blossom back

Make sure to click to enlarge the view. Normally, I like to use the interesting stamps as the feature image in a post but in this case there are just so many stamps and the image would be too big! I love these stamps! Thank you, LBL!

There you have it, two great postcards! At this point, I’m at 118 cards sent, 111 cards received, and 6 out of 11 travelling. That means I can send another five cards this weekend.

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