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13 Feb

Today is Wednesday. I should be at work but I am not feeling all that well today, didn’t get much sleep last night. Oh well, it’s all about the postcards, not about me. Today, two postcards arrived; well, technically, they arrived yesterday but no one checked the mail until this morning.

The first card is from Belarus. Irina sent a lovely card with traditional costumes and traditions. It celebrates the ritual of Maslenitsa, which, from what I could gather, celebrates the impending end of winter and the final week before Lent. Apparently, pancakes are eaten, which is similar to other traditions that celebrate Shrove Tuesday (which was yesterday.. how’s that for timing?)

Irina Belarus


Irina Belarus back


I have to say, I love learning about the traditions of other cultures. Here, in Western Canada especially, there’s a distinct lack of culture (in my very humble opinion, anyway). The west is a relatively young area, only having been opened up and inhabited just over 100 years ago. That’s not a lot of time to develop a culture. Certainly, there’s cultural diversity but there’s nothing like time-honoured traditions of the sort you find in other areas of the world. Thank you, Irina, for a little glimpse into your world!

The second card also celebrates tradition, in a different way. It doesn’t celebrate a national holiday but, instead, celebrates the passing down of traditional knowledge from generation to generation. Such a great picture!

China traditions


China traditions back



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