Yesterday’s Cards

20 Feb
Yesterday’s Cards

Yesterday three cards arrived! Three! John had them, as usual, propped up on my laptop’s monitor by the time I got home.

I have quite a few cards that I really like, cards that I pull out regularly to look at and I don’t necessarily “fave” all the cards I get because, quite frankly, I like some cards more than others. All three of these cards, though, made it into my favourites. Hmmm, where shall I start?

This first card arrived from Estonia, my first from there. It caught my eye because of it’s level of cuteness. Does this not top the scale of cute?

EE front


EE back


Kaili didn’t write much but between the picture on the card and the stamp, I was definitely cheered up!

The second card arrived from the Netherlands. Though I’m from a Dutch background, Jip and Janneke must be “newer” children’s characters because I’ve never heard of them. Something about this card, though, makes me smile!



jenj back


You’re smiling, too, aren’t you?

The third card yesterday arrived from Moscow, Russia. I have to tell you, I think this may be one of my absolute favourite cards so far. It isn’t because of the picture on the card this time, though, even though I do like it.



This is another view of the Kremlin. It is, however, the back of this card that really makes this card stand out.

Kremlin back


It’s completely backwards from our familiar postcards with the address to the right and the message to the left! And the stamps are amazing!

The other thing that struck us is just how much Olga managed to fit on this card with her small, even, and lovely handwriting. That impressed John immensely… so much so that he suggested I start a blog just feature some of the handwriting on the many cards I’ve received. That is so not happening.

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