Five This Week!

01 Mar

Over the course of three days this week, five cards arrived! Once again, three arrived on the same day! I love that! One of these days, I’ll have to figure out the best way of preserving all the cards I’m receiving. Right now, I have them in an old envelope box that I scavenged from work but, already, the box is getting a little crowded.

Does anyone have any good ideas? I’d love to hear/read them!

Anyway, on to this week’s cards. Once again, there are some interesting ones. The first to arrive this week was this lovely, very richly coloured card from Sakura in Japan, where it was sunny and 5ºC on Feb. 16. This card made it into my favourites because of the sumptuous colours and the gorgeous stamps.


Cormorant backFrom Japan, we travel to Taiwan. Ashley sent this food-related card, printed incidentally, on a gorgeous metallic stock (Curious Metallics would be my guess… we occasionally print on this for one or two customers).

TW food

TW food back Even the stamps are food-related! Pretty sweet!

The next three cards all arrived the same day, Thursday. The first one is from Pflugerville, Texas. I love the colours in this picture of the Orion Nebula, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. What an amazing picture!


nebula backAnd it has an interesting stamp, too. I haven’t seen many shaped stamps from the USA. It is, as well, my first card from the state of Texas. I have now received postcards from thirteen of the fifty American states.

The last two cards are both from Germany. I love this first card simply because I love lakes and mist. It’s such a dreamy card. At first, I thought it might have been a picture of a water colour painting!

DE lake

DE lake backThomas’ favourite cards are landscape/nature cards; I still haven’t decided what my favourite kind of card is. I think I just like getting cards… period!

This last card has to be one of my favourites but not because of the subject, although, I must admit, I do like it. I like seeing the highlights from some of the cities in Europe (or anywhere, really). It’s what Jens wrote on the back of the card.

He’s made this card a rather unique one!


Kassel backAnd Jens? I did enjoy the trip, short as it was!

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