Another Three!

08 Mar
Another Three!

I would have blogged about these three cards sooner, but I was a little incapacitated yesterday and blogging, even though I thought about it, was not to be. The cards in this post all arrived in Wednesday’s post and were, once again, waiting at my computer.

The first card came in an envelope. At first, I was a little disappointed to receive another photograph used as a postcard but it feels different when it arrives in an envelope. I don’t mind as much. Besides that, the subject of the photo is a subject I like… traditional clothing.

In this case, it’s traditional clothing from the Netherlands.



And the back…

klederdracht back


(Translation: “A card from Holland. I live with my family in the large city Den Haag (the Hague), close to Scheveningen. My father was a true Scheveningener. The woman in the center of the photo in the light blue blouse/shawl is wearing the traditional clothing of Scheveningen. I hope you like this card. Greetings, Maryke)

Hmm.. where shall we go next? Let’s stay in Europe for the moment. The next card arrived from Prague, in the Czech Republic.



Beautiful, isn’t it?

Praha back


(Pardon the crooked scan; my scanner doesn’t always get it right and I didn’t notice until I opened the file to delete my address.)

The Charles Bridge looks like an amazing bridge, doesn’t it? Stanislav calls it a romantic bridge and I can see why it is known as such. It looks like a wonderful bridge to walk across.

Now, let’s head south… way down south… all the way to Australia.



Adelaide back


I will likely never travel to Australia but Adelaide does look like an interesting place to visit. I must be honest, though, big cities are not really my thing.

Anyway, the thing that really makes this card interesting to me is the stamp. That is a really cute stamp!

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