Another Inge Löök Card!

12 Mar
Another Inge Löök Card!

I am so pleased! I’ve received another Inge Löök card! They really are cute and you simply have to smile when you first see an Inge Löök card. And the more you look at them, the more you see.

Meetup cardCan’t you just imagine the story? And, the thing that really made me chuckle? They’re keeping track of the number of vehicles that haven’t picked them up! Too funny!

And the fact that it’s an Inge Löök card isn’t the only thing that makes this card special. Check out the back.

meetup backThis card was sent from a Postcrossing meeting! How cool is that? It’s from Sari-Anne but it’s also from a group. It’s getting more and more difficult to pick a favourite card of all those I’ve received but I think I can honestly say that this one would be right up there!

Oh, and one more thing, see the name Jonnukka, bottom and centre? Well, I received a card from her not that long ago. I had to double check because the name seemed familiar. Very cool!


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