It’s All About the Clothes

23 Mar

That’s what it seems to be, at least. I received two postcards this week and both feature clothing. The first, from the Netherlands, features two women in traditional costume, or klederdracht. I love getting cards like this. I love seeing how people used to dress; I don’t think I’d ever want to give up my modern choices in clothing but I do find it fascinating.

NL klederdrachtMy daughter, who was here for two nights this past week, commented that the two women on the card reminded her very much of her Oma.

NL backAs a knitter, I was quite excited about this second card. I love making mittens. They’re a small, relatively quick project (as long as you get the second one started as soon as you’ve finished the first one; if you don’t, you may develop something called “second mitten syndrome”, a syndrome in which the second one never gets knitted; I’ve experienced that).

Europe has a very rich tradition when it comes to mittens. Countries all around the North Sea and in Eastern Europe are known for the amazing variety of pattern designs used. This card from Finland shows some fine examples. Pirkko writes that these are provincial mittens from Finland. She, like me, is a grandmother who also knits and crochets.

FI mittensThis is a fairly large card, measuring 8.25 x 5.5″. I love it! I’ve made colourwork mittens similar to some of these and intend to make more. I may even use this card as inspiration. I especially love the pair of mittens in the second column from the left, the one that shows the inside of the mitten with the long threads on the inside.

FI mittens backThank you, Pirkko!




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