Five This Week

07 Apr

It’s been a busy Postcrossing week! Five cards arrived in my mailbox. Here we go…

matroyshkaThis one, unsurprisingly, came from Russia. I love these nesting dolls. My mother has a few of them and all the grandkids have loved playing with them.

matroyshka backThen, on Wednesday (I think… the days of last week are a bit of a blur because I’ve been so incredibly busy at work) three cards arrived.

KaleidoscopeAn ad card for a photovoice workshop for young people in Singapore.

Kaleidoscope backAnd a card featuring the living room in Martin Luther’s home in Wittenberg, Germany. Interestingly, the picture is Martin Luther’s home and the card features a John Calvin stamp. Cool!


Luther backThe third one came from Belarus. Alexander requested that I send him a card with some interesting scenery from my country. I think I have just the card for him.

Belarus bridge

Belarus bridge backThen, on Friday, the final card of the week arrived. This one’s kind of fun, and the first I’ve received of this type.


comic backI love the card and I love the back story that accompanied it. I do hope Amy is still drawing!

Whenever I send or receive a card I, obviously, read the recipient’s (or sender’s) profile. I’m often amazed at how specific some Postcrossers are about their likes and dislikes. Personally, I’m finding that the more I’m involved with Postcrossing, the more I realize that I like getting any kind of card! Even the ad cards give a glimpse into life in another part of the world… and there’s nothing wrong with that!


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