13 Apr

It has been an absolutely fascinating Postcrossing week! I received six cards this week, four of them in one day! That is the record so far. It was very exciting to walk in through my back door and see four postcards resting on my computer. Among those four was another Inge Look card… with a difference. But I digress. There were some very interesting cards in this week’s bunch.

First up is this card from Belgium, only my second from there. Marie-Jeanne writes that this university is situated in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. The Flemish language is a Dutch dialect which I’ve heard spoken before. It’s a lovely-sounding language, Dutch but different.


Leuven backThe next card up is from Belgium’s neighbour, the Netherlands. Manfred sent this card from Hilversum, not far from where my ex-husband is from. I’ve been to Hilversum a few times… would love to go back sometime but I doubt that will happen.

SpakenburgThese women are wearing the traditional clothing of the city of Spakenburg, not far from Hilversum, according to Manfred.

Spakenburg backThe translation:

“Hi Evelyn, I’ve just read your blog, neat! You asked for cards with traditional clothing. I live in Hilversum and not far from here lies Spakenburg, mostly known for its tradtional clothing and the many fish mongers and bread and pastry wagons that travel all through Holland from one market to another. I ask myself if you have ever been back (to the Netherlands) to discover your roots. -Manfred”

I have been to Holland a few times, and felt very much at home, but I can’t say that I’ve been BACK to discover my roots because I am Canadian born and raised.

The next card, from Russia, absolutely fascinated me. I’m wondering if there is a story behind the image. If so, I’d love to know what it is.

RU dollIt’s entitled “Dining Table”. Nataly didn’t give me any information about this doll, unfortunately. I love it! And the back of the card is just as interesting as the front, maybe even more so. Check it out…

RU doll backLook at all those absolutely gorgeous stamps! Nataly is a woman of few words and many stamps. Love it!

And then there’s the Inge Look card I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Not only is it an Inge Look card, it’s a signed Inge Look card!

Inge Look 4You just have to chuckle when you see one of these cards. There’s just so much to look at. I mean, check out her hat! It’s a toilet plunger with men’s ties, for goodness sake! And I love the hobnailed boots they’re wearing. They’re just so cheerful, these cards. What is not to love? This is my fourth Inge Look card and I’m looking forward to seeing more of these in my mailbox.

And the back?

Inge Look 4 backSee? Signed by the artist! I think if I’d gotten this card at a gathering, I would have kept it. There’s no way I’d have sent it. Thank you, Anna! I love it!

All of the above cards arrived on the same day. The next day, this card arrived.

art cardI love a card with a story and this one is just that. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but once I read the back of the card, I could appreciate what Kat did. Each of the stamps she glued to the front of the postcard tells a little piece of a story, as she explains. (Click on the card to see a full sized image.)

art card backIs that not cool? I also love the actual postage stamps on this card. A Dodge Charger… one of our neighbours (when I was a kid) had one of those.. in that same colour. Love it!

Then, rounding out the week, this lovely card from the Netherlands…

NL cherry blossomI’m even thinking about using this card as inspiration for a watercolour painting… and I’m just learning how to paint! So simple, so pretty, so peaceful… so spring!

NL cherry blossom back

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One response to “Wow!

  1. Олег Поповский

    October 1, 2014 at 11:00 am

    >I’m wondering if there is a story behind the image.
    >If so, I’d love to know what it is.
    >It’s entitled “Dining Table”.

    This postcard – foto of hand-made doll by Zhavoronkova Marina
    Photographer: Vladimir Pomogaev

    Idea of the doll is from painting “Dinner Table”
    by Piotr Frolov

    Same pictures, dolls and postcards can be found at

    Happy Postcrossing! 🙂


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