Under the Wire

19 Apr

I thought this week was going to be a postcardless week. At least, that’s what it was looking like. However, today is Friday, last day of the week, and two cards were resting on my computer when I got home from work. In other words, two squeaked in under the wire and it wasn’t a postcardless week. Yes, I so made that word up!

In alphabetical order, here they are. The first arrived from China and took 26 days to get here.

magnolia ChinaI love magnolias! I’ve seen them blooming here already but not the pink ones like the one on this card. An interesting card, wouldn’t you agree?

And the back…

magnolia backGorgeous stamps! I must admit that the stamp collector I was as a young adult is coming out again when I see stamps like these. Well, the stamp collector and the would be artist. Both of these stamps are interesting but I really like the one with the face.

Today’s second card came from Germany, from the city of Hanover, to be precise.

HannoverNight scenes really are amazing, aren’t they? Sonja writes that this the “New Town Hall”. I suppose that’s as opposed to the old town hall? It was opened in 1913 so I suppose that, in comparison to what may have been the town hall before, this would still be considered new in Europe, wouldn’t it?

Hannover backAnd that’s it for this week. I wonder what will arrive in next week’s post?





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