Three Plus One

27 Apr

It’s been an interesting Postcrossing week. Four postcards arrived this week. However, only three of them were Postcrossing cards. Interestingly, one person who sent me a Postcrossing card a few weeks ago sent a second card with a similar theme. I was very pleasantly surprised!

LutherA few weeks ago, Erhard sent me this card of Martin Luther’s living room. Continuing in the theme of Martin Luther, Erhard sent this card, which arrived this week:


Wittenburg backIt is the church door in the city of Wittenberg where Martin Luther nailed the theses. I love the connection. As Erhard writes, he was born in Wittenberg and knows the history of Martin Luther well. Thank you, Erhard. The second card, as well as the first, is truly appreciated.

On to Postcrossing cards, the first to arrive this week came from Carol Beth, who lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls backI, like most people, love waterfalls and have seen some awesome waterfalls in my time. I’ve even been behind a waterfall up in Wells Gray Park here in B.C. I’ve never, however, seen a waterfall you can drive under! How amazing would that be!

Did you notice the stamps on Carol Beth’s card?

US5She used a couple of “classic” stamps. When I commented on the stamps in my thank you to her, Carol Beth responded that she likes to find classic stamps to use on her postcards. She enjoys the search for interesting stamps as much as she enjoys looking for interesting postcards. I like that!

The next card definitely falls into the category of interesting. OliaChelsy sent this card, a picture by a well known Russian photographer, Petr Axenov. The picture, according to OliaChelsy, was taken for a magazine that she worked for.

Russia fashion

Russia fashion backApparently, “He tried to make a traditional russian look in modern view”. See what I mean? Interesting!

OliaChelsy also mentioned a Canadian film maker, Xavier Dolan (a French Canadian film maker), of whom I’ve never heard! Amazing how someone half a world away can teach you about someone in your own country. Mind you, Quebec is about as far away from B.C. as Moscow probably is so it probably shouldn’t be surprising.

The third card arrived yesterday, from Finland. Elisa wrote that she’s noticed that many people who like Inge Löök also like the work of Carl Larsson. I’m not sure why, but I do know that that is true in my case. I love the colours and the atmosphere in this picture.


Larsson backIt has kind of a dreamy, introspective feel to it. Interestingly, this is another Finnish postcard without a cancellation stamp. Does the Finnish post no longer cancel their post?







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