Four This Week

02 Jun

The cards have been trickling in slowly, it seems, this week. First in the door was this card from Achim. In my profile, I have included “send me what YOU like” and Achim took me at my word. This is where he would like to be; I can’t say that I blame him!


maspalomas backNext up is this quirky card from Liza in Russia. I like this one! It’s entitled, “Literary Cafe” by Eugene Ivanov.

catA very cool cat, wouldn’t you say?

cat backWhen John saw this next card, his comment was, “Kinky!”. I’m not sure if that meant he liked it but it was certainly an interesting reaction.

bellaIt’s from Wilson in Taiwan and is a graphic, as he says, for a “future table game”. What I like most about this card is the postmarks. Very interesting!

Bella backThe last card also came from Asia, this time from Tokyo, Japan. I must say that looking at this picture makes me shiver. Not with cold, but with a touch of anxiety. I’m really not a city person… at all. To see nothing but buildings so far into the distance freaks me out a bit.

Tokyo Sky Tree


The tower, incidentally is the Tokyo Sky Tree. Tokyo backI am quite content in my semi-rural setting. I’ll leave the cities to the city people, thank  you very much!








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2 responses to “Four This Week

  1. JamesJJ

    March 16, 2014 at 7:50 am

    Hi Evelyn, The postmark on the Taiwanese card is fantastic isn’t it! The postmark was to publicise and celebrate an exhibition focussing on Fairytale stamps. I found some pictures on someone else’s blog if you are interested:

    • Ev

      March 16, 2014 at 10:07 am

      Thanks so much for that link, James! Very interesting!


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