06 Jul

Because I didn’t have my laptop and because we were away for a few days, I have quite a few cards to post about. Without further ado, here we go.

Warning… there are a lot of photos in this post and nominal text.

From Sabine in Spain:

Las PalmasLas Palmas back


From China:

China bubble building

China bubble building backFrom Gerda in the Netherlands:


Gerda back


From Sofiya in the Ukraine (in an envelope):


Sofiya inside

Sofiya envelope


From Germany, home of the VW bus, one of my husband’s favourite vehicles:

Raus von zu haus

Raus von zu haus backFrom Anna in Russia:


RU1771921 backFrom Tatyana in the Ukraine:


UA630517 backFrom Kate in Budapest, Hungary:


HU56895 back(I love the stamps on the card from Hungary!)

A retro card featuring a magazine cover from John in the US:


US2274714 back


From Rita in Portugal:


PT301226 backFrom Evelyn (my first from another Evelyn) in Florida. I think Evelyn tops the chart with the most writing on a single postcard!


US2278210 backFrom Paul in the Netherlands:

Paul also included two sheets of stamps featuring traditional clothing. Awesome!


NL1962174 back

NL stampsAnd finally, from Katie in Hong Kong:


HK147604 backThere! All caught up and ready for the next batch.










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