A Busy Postcrossing Week… Sort Of

03 Aug

This past week was somewhat more active, Postcrossing-wise, than I’ve seen in the last month or so. Four postcards arrived this week. I haven’t received that many in one week in a long time!

The first two to arrive came from completely opposite parts of the world, one from Russia and one from the Deep South of the US.

From Maria in Kazan City in Russia:


RU181336 backAnd from Andrea in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As she writes on the card, she’s from “the very deep south of the US”.


US2320903 backI love the magnolia on her postcard. When I lived in the Fraser Valley (of British Columbia), our neighbour had a Southern Magnolia tree. In the heat of the summer, you could smell the flowers, very subtle on the warm summer breeze. Lovely!

Then, yesterday, there were another two cards waiting for me at my computer.

The first is from Hessel, a four year old Dutch born boy, living with his parents in Malaysia. I do wonder what brought them to Malaysia to live.


MY158782 backHessel even drew two pictures of himself receiving an injection.

The final card elicited a little squeal of pleasure from me. It’s another Inge Löök card!


FI1816911 backHer paintings are just so much fun! Thank you, Arma, for the great card. I’m looking forward to receiving more in the future (not from Arma, just in general).

In addition to four cards coming in, another five cards will be going out today. So, all in all, it’s been a busy Postcrossing week.





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