England, Belarus, and Slovenia Calling

18 Aug
England, Belarus, and Slovenia Calling

That’s where this week’s three cards came from. The first card to arrive was my second Ravelry postcard swap card. Again, this one has nothing to do with Postcrossing but it IS a postcard and so it qualifies to make it to the blog. In the Ravelry postcard exchange, each participant was given two names to send a card to and they would receive a card in exchange from each of the people they had sent a card to. This one came from Heather (aka Doodles). You can see, on the back of the card, that she even spelled out my name (Ev) with stickers.

Lake District UK

Lake District backInterestingly, the majority of the pictures on this postcard could have been taken in our own lake district, otherwise known as Lake Country, BC. We, unfortunately, do not have any of those lovely stone bridges around here. At least, not that I know of.

Two “official” Postcrossing cards arrived in my mailbox as well this week. Both arrived on Wednesday and, instead of leaving them on my computer as he usually does, John left them on one of our outdoor tables, along with a vase of beautiful flowers he’s bought for my birthday. (Yep, he’s a keeper. He even made me a steak and crab dinner.)

From Tatiana, in Belarus:


uni back


And from Alcazar in Slovenia:


cave backJohn commented on the way Alcazar printed the address on this card, as well as his small, very neat handwriting. Obviously, I’ve deleted most of the address but the entire address was in the same style as the “To:” and “Canada”. Very neat, very surprising coming from a gentleman.

And that’s it for this week.



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