Falling Behind

01 Sep
Falling Behind

Blogging, over the last couple of weeks, has been sorely lacking but that’s what happens when you have company. Our visitor has since left (it was a good visit!) so now it’s time to catch up and there are definitely cards to write about. I think today’s post will cover last week’s cards and, tomorrow being a holiday (Labor Day), I’ll post about this past week’s cards.

In that one week period, I received six cards from five different countries… Japan, Canada, USA, Ireland, and two from Germany! I was quite surprised when I sat down at the end of the week and took a tally. In no particular order, here we go.


Buddha backThe second card came to me from Germany. I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing cathedrals in Europe and this one, in Dortmund, is no exception. It’s not always easy to see the details of the tower clocks so this card is especially appreciated. Look at the amazing details on this cathedral!


Dortmund backAnd, if you read the card, Anke was interviewed by her local newspaper about Postcrossing. How cool is that?

Next up is Ireland. I must say, I would really love to visit Ireland (among other places) one day.


Ireland backCard number 4 also arrived from Germany. I know someone who would have liked to receive a card like this one. This one actually brought back some memories. When my ex-husband and I, along with our youngest daughter, were last in the Netherlands, we had a tour of the sailing ship “Batavia”. It was absolutely fascinating! And much smaller than I expected it to be.


Mario back

The next card arrived from Montreal, only my second card from Canada, both from Montreal, coincidentally.


Montreal2 backTünde took this picture and played with the colours a bit, and then had postcards made. I love it! And I love the stamp, too. The Tragically Hip! Canada has a series of stamps depicting Canadian rock groups, including the Hip, the Guess Who, Rush, and a group I’d not heard of… Beau Dommage.

The final card of the week arrived in an envelope… from Sue in Saginaw, Michigan. She included birthday wishes as she mailed the card the day before my birthday. As well, she included a couple of treats. See for yourself…

US envelopeThe envelope: Sue made it, obviously, from a map. I love it! I know I’ve said it before but I really do appreciate the handmade cards and, in this case, envelopes. She’s put some thought and effort into what she sent. Anyone can purchase a postcard and postage and send it but it takes time, thought, and effort to put something together. Thank you, Sue!

The contents of the envelope?

SaginawThe flowery card at the top left is the postcard (below is the reverse). The birthday cake is a fridge magnet and it is on my refrigerator even now. The rest are stickers. I almost don’t want to use them; they’re in the envelope with the card, with all the other cards I’ve received.

And the back of the card…

Saginaw backThat’s it for this week.Tomorrow, I’ll post about the cards I received this past week. The next batch also includes a very special handmade card. Until tomorrow….

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