Not Quite The Day After

04 Sep
Not Quite The Day After

Time got away from me again. So did postcards. I was going to post about last week’s cards on Monday (Labour Day) but I couldn’t find the cards to scan them. It wasn’t until I got home from work yesterday that I had any inkling of what I might have done with them.

Sure enough, instead of putting them in the box with all the received postcards, I’d put them in the envelope with my postage stamps. Now that they’ve come out of hiding, I can write about them. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

CZ-324066CZ-324066 backThis one arrived from the Czech Republic, in particular, the city of Prague, or Praha. I really do love the old cities like this one. Look at all those red roofs!

Next up is a card from Portugal. This one had no English written on it so I really have no idea what it says. I would, however, love to visit the sunny and ancient city of Lisbon.


PT315315 backI do love the puffy, little stickers. And the sheep sticker? So cute!

The next card arrived from Great Britain, Stratford-Upon-Avon, to be precise. And we all know what that means, right? It is, of course, the home of William Shakespeare. This is a picture of Mary Arden’s house. She was, I learned, Shakespeare’s mother.

GB-458823And the back of the card. Check out the Dr. Who stamp! (Also set as the featured image for this post) Incidentally, I have never watched a single episode of Dr. Who so I really don’t get all the hype and excitement that swirls around it.

GB-458823 backThe final “card” was almost a package! I was quite surprised to find this on my desk when I got home from work one day.

The envelope…

RU-1923700 envelopeCheck out all those gorgeous stamps! And, when I opened the envelope, I found this…

RU-1923700 wrapperI was a bit puzzled at first as the entire thing had tape around the edges. That’s when I realized that the card itself was inside this “wrapper”. This was just to keep the card safe.

RU-1923700This is the card! Elena put this together herself. It’s a layered card. I love it! She took the time to put something together. How wonderful is that?

On the back of the card, she had glued a sheet of note paper and used that to write me a short letter.

RU-1923700 back

RU-1923700 insideI know I say it each time I receive a handmade card but I really like them. Add to that the fact that she noted my birthday and this very quickly became one of my favourite cards.

I am now caught up! Let’s see what this week brings.










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2 responses to “Not Quite The Day After

  1. Akemi Tsuha

    March 1, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    hello there
    i know what is whitten in that portugal postcard :
    Hello !
    i’m called Manuela (I am Manuela).i’m 5’2 years old,i did 5 on april 8st! kisses!
    p.s. i know because i’m brazilian and here, we speak in portuguese

    This project about postcards is amazing ! i didn’t send any yet but i will ,for sure
    see ya!

    • Ev

      March 1, 2014 at 11:46 pm

      Thank you so much!!


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