It’s Been A Little Slow

21 Sep
It’s Been A Little Slow

The past two weeks have been rather lean in the Postcrossing department. I’m assuming it’s because, at the moment, I have a lot of cards in transit. Now that some of them have reached their destinations, more postcards should be arriving within the next little while. In the meantime, three postcards arrived, with only two of them coming through Postcrossing. Two of the cards were something of a surprise.

First to show up was this card from Diana in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin backI love that Johnny Cash stamp!

This week’s card was a bit of a surprise. It came from a fellow Canadian, a nearly neighbour.


Maxine backWhen Claire wrote that “we’re practically neighbours”, she wasn’t kidding. She lives in Kamloops, about a two hour drive from Kelowna. Not just that, I lived there for two years. I managed a craft store there, so it’s quite possible that our paths may even have crossed.

This is only my third card from Canada and to have it come from so near was surprising.

My third card, as I said at the outset, didn’t come through Postcrossing but because it is a postcard, it deserves a mention.

OudemirdumOne of my cousins in the Netherlands sent this card. I could handle living in a house like that



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