Never Complain About Slow

05 Oct
Never Complain About Slow

I should know, right? The instant you say things are slow, things happen. It’s been a couple of weeks and I have postcards to write about… a stack of postcards! I think I’ll split them into two posts just so that today’s post isn’t too photo-intensive.

Let’s get started. I’m posting these in the order they were received. First up, New Zealand. Christchurch, to be precise. Christchurch is of particular interest to me as I have an aunt and cousins living there. Apart from the earthquakes, it looks like a lovely place to live!


Christchurch backThe next card arrived from Japan, home of the geisha.

JP446953 Geisha

JP446953 back


Then, the next day, another postcard arrived from Japan.

JP 446928

JP 446928 backThe next card also came from Asia, this time from Hong Kong.

HK 174938

HK 174938 back


My next card is somewhat special, at least in my opinion. It arrived from Germany in a handmade envelope. As you know, I love the handmade cards and envelopes so this one became an instant fave.

The envelope…

Salzburg envThe postcard…


Salzburg backSalzburg looks like a lovely city!

I’ll leave you with one last card today. This one harks from Finland and I’m always hoping to see another one of these. The Inge Look cards are such fun to receive. Each one has a story of its own and this one is no different. They’re such happy cards!

Inge Look

Inge Look backMore tomorrow!







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2 responses to “Never Complain About Slow

  1. kuba0

    October 5, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Beautiful cards. Especially those from Japan. Recently also received a card from Salzburg from my aunt, who had spent there a week’s vacation with your family. It is a pity to me that so many sheets does not come. Regards and i can assure You that tomorrow will certainly’d stop here. Very nice blog:-)). KUBA

    • Ev

      October 5, 2013 at 1:41 pm

      Thank you for the lovely comment.


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