And Another Week Goes By

09 Nov
And Another Week Goes By

I know I didn’t post any cards last week but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any. There were. Time, however, has not been as cooperative as I would have liked. Last weekend was spent in the kitchen, cooking dinners for the coming week. Now, however, it’s time to get back to the postcards… and blogging in general.

In no particular order, here are the cards that found their way to our mailbox in the last two weeks.

First up, a postcard in an envelope from the Netherlands. There’s something special about this one. The card, a painting by Dutch artist Anton Pieck, is mirrored in the stamp! Very cool!


NL2127682 back

NL2127682 stampsThe next card, from Tokyo, Japan, arrived just before Halloween, perfect timing. Andrea is an American, married to a Japanese man and living in Tokyo.

JP458365JP458365 back

The following card is from my own country, Canada. To be more specific, it came from Mennonite country in Ontario. Sandra refers to a fire at the farmers’ market; here’s a link to the story, as reported by the Globe & Mail.


CA382307 backI love the stamp, too!

CA382307 stamp

The following card is from Germany but isn’t a postcard with German content. Olga comments on the smallness of our world. The card shows a bridge in St. Petersburg and the stamp shows a lovely square in Berlin. Neat!


DE2565697 backAnd a closeup of the stamps…

DE2565697 stampHere’s another card that’s a bit deceptive. Mechthild is from Germany, on vacation in South America. Because she’s on vacation, she sent me a postcard from where she is/was at that time… Ipanema! Lovely!


DE2565048 backFrom Ipanema, we make our way back up to Europe, Belgium, to be precise. This card shows the training ship, Amerigo Vespucci. I love the tall sailing ships. Years ago, my ex husband and I took our youngest daughter to the Netherlands. While there, we toured the sailing ship, Batavia, still in construction at the time. It was absolutely fascinating to see how sailors of a bygone era lived and worked and to see just how small and cramped their ships actually were.


BE136547 backThis next postcard intrigues me. Jade is an animation teacher in Singapore; she sent this card of Gardens by the Bay, a must-see, according to her. I did Google it and, I must say, it looks like a very interesting and beautiful place. I think that, if I ever find myself in Singapore, it WILL be on my list of things to see.

SG119434Apparently, according to Google, each of these “trees” is a garden all its own. And this is only one area of the Gardens by the Bay!

SG119434 backFrom Singapore, we travel to Russia, Chelyabinsk, to be precise. I find this a rather austere picture but an interesting building nonetheless.


RU2064706 backToday’s final card also arrived from Russia. Tillion sent this lovely bouquet of flowers with crochet hearts. Very sweet, don’t you think?


RU2102636 back

Though I’m not a stamp collector anymore, I do find the stamps almost as interesting as the cards. As a matter of fact, in some cases, the stamps are even more interesting than the cards. I love that some people make the effort to use interesting stamps.

RU2102636 stamps

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