A Busier Week

01 Dec
A Busier Week

This had definitely been a busier Postcrossing week. This time, I have four cards to tell you about. The first card made its way to our house from Germany. Steffan writes that this card is a bit special. It shows a hotel in the former GDR, a hotel that no longer exists.

DE 2667233

DE 2667233 backThe second card to arrive came from the Philippines, a country now struggling to get back to its feet after Typhoon Haiyan.


PH57117 backThen came this fun card from David in Great Britain. He writes that he didn’t have any Inge Look cards but hoped this one would suffice. I giggled when I saw it. It does suffice indeed. Anything that makes me giggle is a good thing!

GB 487927

GB 487927backAnd, finally, this lovely card arrived from Taiwan. Both the card and the stamps are great. It shows some of the traditional clothing from the country of Taiwan. I like anything that shows traditional clothing.


TW1083696 backThis card arrived in a plastic wrapper with just a corner but out for the stamps. It is pristine! I love the stamps and, being a knitter, I especially love the picture of the man spinning.


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