Catch Up Time – Part 1

02 Mar
Catch Up Time – Part 1

I try… really, I do…. to update this blog the weekend after I receive postcards. Well, the past two weeks have seen an influx of postcards but I’ve not had the time to post about them until now. Last weekend, we had company. This weekend, we don’t. I’ve received quite a few cards in the last two weeks (five in the first week and six this past week); there are too many to blog about in a single post so I’ll put them into two posts.

Today’s post will be the cards that arrived the first week. The following post will be about the cards that arrived this past week. These are in no particular order.

First up, my first card from Argentina, from Gaby in Buenos Aires.



It’s interesting how she personalized the card with a cutout and my name. I love the stamps, too.

The next card is from Yoko, in Japan.


PC0001She has such neat printing and I absolutely love the Japanese aesthetic. This is such a peaceful card, isn’t it?

Next up is a card from Donna who is way over on the “other” coast, in the state of New Jersey.


PC0007Then, a card from the Netherlands, one that shows the traditional clothing of Scheveningen, an old fishing town.


PC0003Anne-Sophie writes, “Hello Evelyn, How nice to send a card to Canada written in Dutch. A card with the traditional costume of Scheveningen. My mother comes from Scheveningen but has never worn the tradional costume.”

As an aside, I was told once that if I could say “Scheveningse schippers school” correctly, I was a true Dutch person; yes, I can say it.

Today’s final card was sent by Paulina in Finland. Not only is Paulina a fellow Postcrosser, she’s also a fellow Raveller (, a fellow knitter.




And that’s it for this post. Now, to get some cards mailed out; I seem to be falling behind again.





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One response to “Catch Up Time – Part 1

  1. Kuba

    March 16, 2014 at 6:00 am

    I really like your blog. You have a wonderful card. Watching landed on a card from Pauline from Finland. From there I got my first card. It was on my first count in PC – then my username was planeta12, now it’s Scooby31. I invite You to me too. Regards from Poland, from Myszewo.


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